Our stock changes regularly, visit us in our showroom, or email us to see what we have in store at a current time.


We usually only have 1 or 2 of each desginer frame in stock, and once they are gone, they are gone!


In some instances we can re-order or try to help you find a frame you love if there is nothing you like in store.


We also offer a reglazing service.


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Our frames are just the start.  We offer a wide range of lenses and services for competitively low prices.

S I N G L E   V I S I O N

We can offer single vision lenses for all focal points inlcuding distance, intermediate (computer use] and reading.


These are available in a large range of coatings inlcuding anti scratch, anti glare, easy clean  and also a revolutionary blue light filter for on screen use.

   V A R I F O C A L S

Our varifocals are available in three different options - these inlcude conventional, digital and HD custom.


With all the same coatings and materials available as single vision, we are confident you will find the lens you need and at the right price.

       B I F O C A L S

These have only two points of focus - usually distance and reading at the bottom. Different shapes and sized segments are also here to chose from.


We can offer these in a whole host of materials to suit your prescription and usage requirements.


    S U N G L A S S E S

We can glaze most frames into prescription sunglasses including rimless and high wrap sports frames.


Basic tints can be fitted into these frames in any colour, but also a far superior polarized lens is also available.

  T R A N S I T I O N S™

At Framed Eyewear we have multiple different options for UV activated lenses.


Branded Transitions™  and Transitions™  XTRActive  are the most popular photochromic lenses on the market. These are available at competitive prices in all lens types inlcuding varifocal.


Other fast changing photochromic lenses are also available in brown, grey or green.

     R E G L A Z I N G 

Have a pair of frames that you love?  Prefer to have your new prescription in these? We offer an honestly priced re-glazing service for £20 + the cost of your lenses.


If your frames is suitable for a reglaze it may be the most cost effective option for you.



 G L A S S    L E N S E S

Although glass lenses are not as widely used in recent years, we can still source and fit these if required by the user.


Glass lenses are far more resiliant than modern plastic lenses and can still be coated with the modern coatings.


If glass is the material you chose you use then we can help!


M I R R O R  L E N S E S 

Mirror lenses are iconic and stand out amongst the crowd. We can provide a mirror coating to sunglass lenses in blue, red, silver and gold.


If however, you would prefer something a little different, our most recent product is a Transitions™  XTRActive Flash Chrome lens. 


This combines a Transitions lens with a mirror coating.

Designer Frames

Bought from authentic & trusted suppliers, we offer a fairly priced range of designer frames.

Quality Budget Frames

A wide range of high quality frames in varying colours, shapes, materials and styles starting at £20.00

SUNGLASSES [Prescription & Non Prescription]

Wayfarers, aviators, wraps, vintage and designer.  Pop in to see our range.

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