It is now a legal obligation for Opticians to give their patients a signed copy of their prescriptions and therefore the freedom to choose where to have their glasses made.  

Offering the same products, frames and services as high street opticians (apart from eye tests), We deal with all types of prescriptions including bi-focal, varifocal, transitions, single vision and prescription sunglasses.


Please note, however, that we cannot dispense to anyone under the age of 16.

Our Services

Come see us

Pop in Mon - Fri ( 10:00am - 4:00pm ) or weekend appointments avialable when booked in advance.


Don't forget to bring your most up to date prescription with you as we do not have the facilities to perform eye tests here.

Lenses & prescriptions

Whatever your prescription we can manufacture it for you.  We offer Single vision, varifocal, bi-focal, reading glasses & transition lenses.  There is no pressure to buy unnecessary extras, we give your options with your quote, you decide what you want.


Bring your current frames into us, along with your prescription and if possible we will put your new prescription into your old frames with the same lens options stated before.  Our re-glazing fee is £20 + the cost of your lenses.


All you need to bring is your prescription!



What do I need?

As stated above, all you will need to bring is your prescription, and your frames if you have previously arranged to bring in your frames for reglazing.



I have a difficult prescription and have been told I need specialist lenses.  Are you able to make these?

We can make any prescription, and our prices stay reasonable.  We have 25 years experience, and we always make sure you leave being able to see!  Pop in for a chat and we will be happy to help you.



Do you take card payments?

Yes, we are able to take card payments.  We use iZettle card reader and payment software.  All payments are safe and secure, using a card machine which abides by PCI PTS 4.1.  All card data is encrypted by HSMs cryptographic servers.  You and your data are safe.



Why are your prices so reasonable?

It's simple, we have cut out the middle man!  We have been supplying machinery to optical labs across the world for over 25 years, and making glasses for our family, friends as a side business for years.  Our glasses are made on site using machinery that we manufcature and maintain ourselves, cutting out the costs that can drive up prices in Opticians, and other outlets.  We don't send our lenses out to be made elsewhere and our maintenance costs are very low.  We pass these savings onto you.



Yes, but the glasses must be of an inferior quality?

No, not at all.  Our glasses are of very high quality!  The frames we sell to you are the same that you will find in any high street optician & our techinicians are highly skilled and very knowledgable with lots of experience.  The only difference is that we make and service our own laboratory, meaning that we cut down on costs.



What about eye tests?

We can't provide you with an eye test as we currently do not have an on site optician.  However, just as you can take a medical prescription to any chemist, you can ask for your prescription after you have had an eye test and use that prescription to buy glasses from anywhere you choose.




I have my own frames, can you make my glasses using them?

Yes, just bring them in with your prescription.  Please note, however, that some prescriptions will not fit into very small frames.  So it will depend on your prescription and the kind of frames you wish to have it put in.




Can you do prescription sunglasses?

Yes, we do prescription sunglasses, tinting & transition lenses.  You can pick from our sunglasses range, or bring in your own pair (provided your prescription will fit.)



There is a problem with my glasses.

If there is a problem with your glasses, or they are faulty, please bring them back to us so we can analyse the problem.


*Prices here are based on single vision lenses.  For full price guide, click here.

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